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Our Enhancement Options

Introduction to Custom Enhancements

Transform your wedding day with our suite of custom upgrades. From mesmerizing visual effects to ambient lighting and live music, personalize your celebration to mirror the uniqueness of your love story.

Visual Effects

Cold Sparks.webp

Cold Sparks

Ignite your celebration with Showven Sparkular units that complement traditional sparklers, bubbles, or any grand exit ideas, adding a spectacular touch to your unforgettable moments ensuring a breathtaking experience without safety concerns. 

Cloud Effects.webp

Clouds Effect

Envelop your first dance in a dreamlike mist with our low-lying fog effect, lasting approximately 5 minutes and creating a serene atmosphere that looks like you're dancing on clouds. This magical effect is perfect for romantic dances and unforgettable photo opportunities


Confetti Cannon

Elevate the energy with our reloadable confetti cannons, perfect for creating a colorful explosion up to 4-5 times during your celebration. Choose from a wide range of biodegradable confetti colors to match your wedding theme, making each blast a personalized spectacle.

TV Totem_edited_edited.jpg

TV Totem

Enhance your venue with personalized content with our TV Totem, ideal for displaying photos, videos, or live messages. Its sleek design integrates smoothly into any setting, providing a modern touch that celebrates you. Can be enclosed in white or black covering.

Lighting Effects

Marquee Letters.webp

Marquee Letters

Illuminate your wedding with up to 3 characters  ($75 per additional letter) of your choice with our marquee letters, standing 48 inches tall for a bold and bright statement. Perfect for adding a glow to your venue, these letters enhance both the atmosphere and your photo opportunities.

Backdrop Lighting_edited.jpg

Fairy Light Backdrop

Create a magical setting with our fairy light backdrop, extendable up to 25 feet long and 8 feet high. Ideal for adding a romantic glow to any area, this customizable backdrop transforms your space into an enchanting environment. Additional length or draping quote available upon request.


Digital Laser Gobo

Project your couple's monogram with precision using our high-powered laser projector for stunning gobos. Choose from a variety of pre-made designs, static or animated, or create a custom design to add a personalized layer of sophistication to your venue's ambiance.

LED Wall.webp

LED Wall

Ignite your space with the Twinkly Light Wall, featuring 1120 vibrant RGB pixels for a captivating display of color and movement. This 8.9 feet high and 8.4 feet wide panel masterpiece turns any setting into a dynamic visual experience, blending technology with creativity.

Neon Sign.webp

Neon Sign

Customize your celebration with a 36-inch neon sign designed just for you. Select from a variety of fonts and colors for a sign that not only lights up your venue but also serves as a lasting keepsake from your special day that you can take with you.


LED Centerpieces

Accentuate your centerpieces with our high-powered LED lights, featuring 3 customizable color zones and battery power for 10+ hours. Illuminate up to 20 centerpieces, adding a radiant glow to your tables and elevating your reception's ambiance.

Check out our Digital Monogram templates at:

Photo Booths


Mirror Photo Booth

An elegant mirror photo booth with printing capabilities, counting as three (3) enhancementss, ensures your guests leave with a piece of the joy.

Social Booth.webp

Social Booth

A social booth that can detach and roam your event, capturing spontaneous moments, counts as two (2) enhancements, offering a fun and interactive experience.

Black or White Dance Floors

Elevate your reception with elegant dance floors in black, white, or a combination, available in 15 x 15 ft and up for (3 enhancements) ensuring a stylish and clean look for your dancing area. Each title is 3 ft. by 3 ft. giving a much cleaner look than the older 1 ft by 1 ft style dance floors.


Live Music

Live Guitarist.webp

Live Guitarist

Enhance your ceremony or cocktail hour with the soulful melodies of a live guitarist for an hour of playing time. Their music adds a personal touch to your wedding, setting the perfect tone for your celebration.

Live Harpist.webp

Live Harpist

Bring the elegant sounds of a live harpist to your wedding, adding a serene and beautiful musical backdrop to your ceremony or quieter moments. This upgrade includes 1 hour of playing time. Ideal for ceremonies (30 minutes of pre-ceremony music and ceremony songs) or one hour for cocktail hour. 

How Custom Enhancements Work

Personalize your wedding entertainment with our flexible add-ons. Each package offers a unique set of enhancement options, allowing you to tailor your experience to perfection.


Select Your Base Package

Choose a base package that best fits your wedding vision. Each package offers unique inclusions for your day's foundation, ready for customization.


Explore Upgrade Options

Select packages include up to three predefined upgrades, while others allow for a la carte choices, offering flexibility to customize your experience.


Choose Your Add-Ons

Select from a range of add-ons, like the all-encompassing Mirror Photo Booth, ambient lighting, or live music to enhance your celebration.

IMG_0758 (1).webp

Tailor Your Perfect Day

Customize your wedding with our exclusive upgrades to create a celebration that truly reflects your unique love story. Contact us today to explore how these enhancements can transform your special day.

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