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Cold Sparks

Includes two brand name Showven Sparkular units to add a brilliant and dramatic effect to be used at your event at an appointed time with
photo-op after if desired. Absolutely amazing for your grand exit and works well in conjunction with traditional sparklers, bubbles, or any number of grand exit ideas.

Confetti Cannon

Fan-powered cannon that can be reloaded and used 4-5 times throughout your event. We use only high quality flame-resistant biodegradable confetti at all events.
Choose from a wide variety of colors or mix and match to get that perfect combination. The perfect touch for a lively dance party!


Caroline Eliza Photo


Emily Nicole Photo

Confetti Cannon

Clouds Effect

Dance on the clouds with this stunning
low-lying fog effect. The effect lasts approximately 5 minutes and is perfect for a first dance or other moment of your choosing. The pictures 
and videos are always unbelievable!


TV Totem

Need to run a slideshow or video at your event, but your venue doesn’t have a screen? Our totem with 42 inch flat screen is the perfect addition! The totem itself can be covered in a white or black covering, and since it’s on a totem and not a stand it has a small footprint and blends in beautifully
with any setting.



Marquee Letters

Up to 4 characters of your choosing ($75 each additional). Standing at 48 inches tall they are the perfect addition to any event decoration plan. Includes delivery, set-up, and pick-up.


Chelsea Reece Photography

Digital Laser Gobo

Think monogram, but accomplished with light instead of decals. We use a high powered laser projector to accomplish some stunning gobos. Choose from many pre-made designs, static or animated, or send us your own custom design and we can have it made into a gobo for you. Check out our templates at


Andi Bravo Photo

Neon Sign

We custom design a 36 inch neon sign that gets delivered directly to you to use as you wish at your event, that you get to keep afterwards! Let us know what you’d like it to say, then choose from a variety of beautiful fonts and colors. We then get it designed
and send you a mockup for final approval before it gets made.


Fairy Light Backdrop

Add a stunning lighted backdrop for your sweetheart table, head table, cake table, photo-op area, or anywhere else you’d like at your event! Up to 25 feet long and 8 feet high. Additional length or draping can be added with a
custom quote.

LED Centerpieces

Do you have some stunning centerpieces that you really want to showcase? These high powered LED centerpieces are battery powered for 10+ hours, have 3 color zones
that are fully customizable, and will illuminate your centerpieces from the bottom up. Up to 20 centerpieces included with this upgrade.



Mirror Photo Booth

An elegant mirror Photo Booth with printing capabilities (3 upgrades)


Social Booth

A social booth that can detach from its base and wander the area to grab some great moments (2 upgrades)




Black or White

Elegant dance floors in white, black, or a combination of the two. 3 foot by 3 foot tiles give it a much cleaner look than older 1 x 1 style dance floors.

15 x 15 (2 upgrades) - 18 x 18 (3 upgrades)



Live Guitarist

Want to add some live music to your event? A live guitarist is the perfect way to do it! Includes an hour of playing time, great for ceremony, cocktail hour, or dinner.


Live Harpist

We’ve teamed up with a local harpist to bring you the elegance of live harp music played at your event! Included is 1 hour of playing time, perfect for a ceremony (30 minutes of
pre-ceremony music and ceremony songs)or for a cocktail hour.

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