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Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Mike joined the U.S. Marine Corps right out of high school. After 11 years of service and 3 combat tours he landed in an industry that is only slightly more stressful – the wedding industry! But it’s a good kind of stress – the type of stress borne from the idea that you are a very important part of one of the biggest and best days of two people’s lives. He brings over a plethora of values that were critical to his success as a Marine; attention to detail, time management, communication skills, knowing when to take charge and lead… but also knowing when to follow, being able to work efficiently with others, and knowing how to maintain composure and improvise under stress when necessary are all critical skills in making sure that a wedding goes as smoothly as possible. Having six and a half years of wedding experience under his belt, he has further honed his skills by working with some of the best DJs in town to create his own unique style that is aimed at providing the most amount of fun possible while still maintaining a wedding vibe. You will be hard pressed to find someone more passionate about DJing and the wedding industry in general as DJ Mike is.

Tulsa Wedding DJ
Tulsa Wedding DJ

Adrian Birdsong Photography

 Andi Bravo Photography

Emily Nicole Photo


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