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Lighting Packages

Illuminate Your Love Story

Your wedding day deserves to shine in harmony with your love. At Redline Entertainment, our lighting packages are intricately woven into our entertainment packages, ensuring your celebration is not just seen but felt. From the warmth of soft glows to the excitement of vibrant displays, our lighting is designed to complement your chosen entertainment package, creating the perfect ambiance for every moment of your special day.

Platinum Lighting
Ultimate Lighting_edited.jpg

Platinum Harmony Lighting (Aligned with Platinum Harmony Package)


The ultimate in lighting design, including 2 Totems with Chauvet Intimidator 260X 75-watt Moving Head Lights and 4-6 Pixel Tube Wash/FX Lights, mirroring the elegance and completeness of the Platinum Harmony Package.

Ideal for:

Achieving a breathtaking visual spectacle that matches the sophistication and fullness of your Platinum Harmony experience.

Gold Lighting

Gold Elegance Lighting (Aligned with Gold Elegance Package)


Elevates the ambiance by adding an additional 4-6 Pixel Tube Wash/FX Lights alongside the foundational glow, perfectly complementing the Gold Elegance Package.

Ideal for:

Adding a touch of drama and motion, enhancing the elegance and personalization of the Gold Elegance experience.

Premium Lighting.webp
Silver Lighting
Upgraded Lighting.webp

Silver Serenade Lighting (Aligned with Silver Serenade Package)


Builds upon the foundational glow with an upgrade to a GagBar 2 ILS featuring 2 32-watt moving head lights, designed to enrich the Silver Serenade Package with a multifaceted and richly textured lighting experience.

Ideal for:

Creating an immersive atmosphere where light and music are in perfect harmony, enhancing the serene and romantic vibe of the Silver Serenade experience.

Bronze Lighting

Bronze Bliss Lighting (Aligned with Bronze Bliss Package)


Chauvet GigBar 2 Light Bar, offering a foundational glow with 2 par wash lights and 2 derby lights, seamlessly integrated with the Bronze Bliss Package.

Ideal for:

Setting a warm, inviting tone that welcomes and embraces your guests, reflecting the intimate and essential nature of the Bronze Bliss experience.

Basic Lighting.webp

Why Integrated Lighting?

Our integrated lighting and entertainment packages are designed to work in harmony, ensuring that the ambiance perfectly complements the musical backdrop of your celebration. This approach allows for a cohesive experience that reflects your unique style and the essence of your love story.


With our expert guidance, we'll help you select the ideal combination, bringing your vision to life with a celebration that is uniquely tailored to you. By integrating lighting directly with our entertainment options, we offer a seamless, beautifully coordinated atmosphere that elevates every moment of your special day.

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Explore How We Can Transform Your Venue with Lighting

Let's discuss your vision, select the ideal lighting package, and add that extra sparkle to your celebration.

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