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Tulsa’s new standard for what to expect from a wedding DJ. Weddings are what we love and what we are geared towards – our passion. With a hands on approach that starts with an initial consultation, either in person, or over the phone with the owner (not a sales rep) to decide exactly what your vision is for your wedding. Another consultation will happen during the month of your wedding in person with your DJ to make sure that everybody is on the same page and that your event goes smoothly. With a classy approach to MCing we will make sure your guests know what’s going on at all times and that everything flows smoothly and according to plan without that radio DJ or stand-up comedian vibe – that’s not us. And then we party. We throw the BEST parties in town. It really is that simple. There will never be a bad DJ working under the RedLine name. There will never be a good DJ working under the RedLine name. Only the absolute best that Tulsa has to offer will show up at your event and you will know who your DJ will be the DAY that you book. No surprises, ever. That’s our promise to every couple.

Kevin Joseph Photography

Sarah Eliza Photography

Adrian Birdsong Photography


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